domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013


Impact Miniatures nos ha sorprendido con un comunicado acerca de su inminente crowdfunding para sacar una linea de miniaturas chibi orientales. Según lo que nos cuentan en su Facebook, podemos hacernos una idea de como sera la campaña.

Given we plan to launch the Chibi Asian Adventurers by the end of September, we wanted to outline some of the ways that this Kickstarter will different given we're incorporating what we learned from this one.

1. We are limiting the total number of figures. 100 was overly-ambitious and we're going to keep it to 40. This should make it faster.
2. We have completed sculpting for all the figures. That's wait time for them to be sculpted. They're done.
3. We are keeping it simple. No tiles, no t-shirts. Just other distractions.
4. Simplified structure. We're using a pick structure where there are 6 levels with a number of picks. Type 1 are 1 pick, Type 2 are two picks.
5. Stretch goals. They'll be spread out more, and can add 5 more figures and beginning to add bonus picks to the levels. As the KS total grows, so do the rewards.
6. Simpler minis - We purposely tried to make these minis more simple with fewer parts. That will make them easier to put together, simpler to cast, and much quicker to bag up and ship.
7. Casting should be easier. Troll Forged is now casting out of their new shop and not out of Ed's basement. They have doubled the number of employees and casting speed has improved. Additionally, they have more experience casting chibi minis, which are more difficult given the proportions. Also, Type 2 minis are 50mm in size, and much easier to cast.

Thank you all for your patience and we hope to have your help in launching the Chibi Asian Adventurers!


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